The Myanamar Esports Federation is committed to promotion & developing Esports as a recognized sport in Myanmar. Our mission is to create a platform for Esports enthusiasts to complete, learn & excel in their respective fields while fostering a sense of community & sportsmanship.
Our vision is to establish Myanmar as a regional leader in Esports by promoting fair play, professionalism & inclusivity. We aim to create an environment where Esports can thrive & provide opportunities for athletes to complete on the global stage. We strive to develop the industry in a sustainable & responsible manner, while contributing to the growth of the local economy & society as a whole.
Myanmar electronicsports federation

With the Esports industry growing at an exponential rate worldwide, it is our duty to push Myanmar Esports to grow alongside. Our organization, MESF, was founded in 2017 with the intention: to have a governing body for the Myanmar Esports Community and organize official Esports Tournaments which allows Professional Esports Teams in Myanmar to participate in International Esports Tournaments. After becoming the Official member of IESF and AESF, we (MESF), together with the Esports community, have done a substantial change over the last couple of years, with more and bigger tournaments being held every year. We have successfully hosted Myanmar Electronic Sports League (MESL): Road to SEA Games for SEA Games 2019 and SEA Games 2021, which are the biggest Esports tournaments in Myanmar Esports history followed by other Esports Tournaments governing under IESF and AESF. The minimum standard has been raised, yet it is not enough. We vow to continue working tirelessly to further help the Myanmar Esports scene and its players to reach new levels and set new milestones both nationally and regionally.